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You are not buying just a bag! You are also buying the story!

Thanks to the QR code on it, you are also buying an instant access to the story!!! The boost of inspiration about that concept, whenever you need it, will be at your hand!

Have you ever wanted to create something, but it just died in the darkness of the drawer or your mind, just because it was not good enough? Because it was disappointing to yourself? 

🎇 THIS IS A SIGN, A SYMBOL for you to carry in everyday life to pull through your ideas long enough to make them alive, to show them to the world, to give others a chance to see them and get inspired from them.

What's more, it is an everyday essential for perfectionists. It doesn't need to be perfect to be worthy enough to be seen, to connect with people!

Share your stuff, and talk about the stuff you feel for. Without expectations. It will feel great, and it will finally take you to the places where you belong. 


Made with 80% recycled cotton and 20% recycled polyester canvas, these woven tote bags are good for the earth and perfect for eco-conscious consumers. The long handles with reinforced cross-stitch add great durability while the shaping seam at the bottom creates volume - a great feature for filling up the bag without disfiguring it.

  • 80% recycled cotton, 20% recycled polyester
  • Medium-heavy fabric (8.5 oz/yd² (300 g/m²))
  • Double-sided print
  • Sewn-in label
  • Features a shaping bottom seam



It is not perfect, but at least you can see it - Tote

€ 39,00Price
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