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The VIOLENCE of hopeless, helpless, and powerless

Updated: May 14

Note : My dear friend Silvia Clo ordered this illustration to be later worn for the carpet of the Diversity Media Awards, where she got nominated for the TV series she co-created named "Love Club". She asked me to create an artwork on the topic of VIOLENCE as a whole that would be printed with other artists' interpretations of this topic and implemented onto a dress she decided to wear for that occasion. I think this perspective I laid out here in this little corner of the internet, perfectly aligns with what we all face, the violence we all struggle with and often don't know what to do with or feel defeated with. Enjoy!


Long format story context:


It may be a new perspective to looking at the topic of violence, yet for me, it is where everything starts and ends – our heads. The context story:

I may be small. I may be one. I may be young. I may be old. I may try. I may fail. And most of all it’s not a question IF we can change things IF we can do something about something, doubting to overwhelm, but how we can make a little step towards showing to the world we believe in our power, in our potential, in our capability to build, to create, to change.

I know hopeless.

I know helpless.

I know that you know what it means too.

I hate the violence of people who made me feel hopeless, helpless, worthless, and


The violence that happens within us because of those feelings is also very powerful, unfortunately. It’s all such an addiction to all that violence that we simply forget about the choice we have after all.

It’s easy to be eaten by fear and the weight of what is not in our control but it’s not where we should look at. If we look there we just give up our power to the system.

The thing is to see our power, our potential to do hard things, and our potential to make things happen. It’s all a matter of perspective.

We can choose, even when others tell us we are under their power. That’s our biggest power.

Even if they hold some sort of regime over us, we can still choose how we react!

We can choose ourselves that our mind is our choice.

We can choose to help those who we want to help.

We can choose to trust ourselves.

We can go out of our comfort zones, and do it what scares us, simply by choosing to look in the direction of hope, trust, power, and abundance.

It is hard to believe in good when you experience the bad, I know. But there are always the tiniest things we can do to choose our power, to choose power even if it is only about kindness over violence - this takes so much strength! And you do have that power, you do have that choice.

All in all, when hopeless the best is to give hope to others by your example.

When helpless, choose to do something that requires strength and you will see you are not that weak after all.

When feeling scared and poor, or even lonely just look at the world in front of you and look at the examples of abundance.

We are so beautiful, we can do the work, we can be hopeful, we can be strong. Because we are no matter what they do to us, we can still choose how we respond.

Most importantly, cultivate the immense feeling of security and abundance from within, no matter what happens or what influences happen in the world.

There is lots of injustice, and there are many problems that seem impossible and overwhelming but we are really having the power as long as we give ourselves a voice, especially through uplifting others.

When we help others it may sometimes feel like it’s pointless, because what if you don’t see the effects, what if they don’t appreciate, what if it changes nothing... well the outcomes are not that important. It’s the internal feeling working through your heart and soul you choose to have. You never know what will return to you. But you are the voice of your heart and mind and you can choose not to believe in everything they say and even not in everything that your thoughts say.

It’s scary to speak up, it’s scary to do scary things. It’s scary to change, but I dare you to try, to leap. Let’s connect and create that momentum of faith.

The thing is we have the power within me to make it happen.



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