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It is not perfect but at least you can see it

Updated: Feb 6

* The concept of my words is to be multidimensional. Maybe you like the short form only, or you want a bigger story behind it, more metaphors, more story on the message? With visuals? I want to give you all that and more. I will be getting better at it. The whole concept is to make you feel more and remember more so I will always try to have : • 🖌️ written form • 🎥 short video (process) 📹 👩🏼 longer video form --> my expression of the context ••••• 🧩 SYMBOL PRODUCTS to buy and keep the wisdom with you, keep it influencing your life on daily basis

• the more it will grow the more I will want to offer. Let me know if you have any suggestions! Enjoy all the forms, hope you find something interesting for you!!! Hope it makes you feel something.

It is not perfect, but at least you can see it

At least I can see it and there is much more chance of improving it now.

Because now that it is out I will remember about it more, and there is a bigger possibility for it to have a life, maybe even to get improved.

Even if it does not need to be improved. It can be but does not need to be. It will be creating more complete, more mature things with time, but it is not like if something is not mature it has no worth, it is not like it has no right to be seen.

Look at the kids!

Oftentimes their lack of maturity is much more inspiring, much more alive and joyful than an adult so why do you think the works of human expression have more worth or only worth only when they are very worked out or looking complicated?

Short video (process)

I have this tendency to create things (because I want to or feel I should), but they rarely make it to the real world. This? See you are like a witness of the miracle of life, my first art piece getting a life in the world. Really my piece...

It is not perfect, it is not a masterpiece like Monalisa, it is not created with gold, and it probably won’t change the world much - but at least you can see it, at least I can see it. At least, it has a chance to help you, at least it gets a life outside of my folders, somewhere outside of my head.

My hands are shaking when creating this because I have so much pressure to create great things that show my art background, knowledge, professionalism, my worth but at the end of the day I do have works and paintings that are just pretty, they may be even pretty amazing from a technical point of view like this:

But you know what? They are just pretty things. They are so one-dimensional (even if I went really crazy to show realism in my works in high school). I can show them, I can share them but so what?

They don’t make me feel much, and they don’t have much of a message, so I never really felt like it makes sense to make more of these.

I want to create things that have a message, things that can really inspire. For me, this is the whole point of art - to efficiently inspire or make you feel something.

However, having that expectation and at the same time that every piece should show deeply my art knowledge and skills - these never really allow me to create.

I have been creating things that have a message, and things that are just pretty - but to combine it all always was too overwhelming, too complicated, too time-consuming to be able to commit to the belief that it makes sense. To commit to the thought that - I can do it.

However, I am trying to go for something “JUST GOOD ENOUGH”,

not amazing or great. I want to show the process of my works to show you (and myself) that we are allowed to be lost in a creative process.

  • That we are allowed to not know how to mix colors,

  • that we are allowed to make mistakes,

  • that we are safe even when we are bad at something,

  • and that we still have great worth and potential even if the first 10 or twenty compositions, words, or whatever are nothing but terrible.

This piece is especially important to me, because it is a reminder to give a chance to creations, give them a life, let them breathe even if they may not be perfect, even if they seem unfinished, even if they don’t show all your abilities, even if they may have grammar mistakes (DYSLEXIA KID). You can share it whenever you feel it can breathe, don’t wait to make it fully mature to show it.

Show unfinished and unperfected things, but show them!!!

It is much better to show something that is just fine than need to show it because you don’t have time or energy to make it perfect today or tomorrow.

Yes, you can make them better, and you may even make them improved with time or one day but there is no guarantee if you won’t let it live starting from today.

In fact, the work that is only at the beginning when it often ends because you think you suck the first time you try oftentimes will end up forever hidden because you, yourself will forget about it and they will not have a chance to interact even with you never again.

When you take something out of your shelf, or folder, or whatever and give it some space it gets all the superpowers. Showing something not genius but is truly yours does not make you stupid, it makes you brave. It makes you start the journey toward what you crave so much deep down to be. It opens up the door. It can allow you to feel more free.

Lastly, summarising it all.

Expressing something is always better than not expressing it at all - no matter the way, the composition, or even the punctuation or grammar... or even the feeling!!!

Because it gives already a chance to connect with other people, to help, to inspire, or to heal.

Yes, it could be better, and yes it could maybe be more understandable, but please please: don’t let the trap of possible improvements suffocate you.

Don’t let all the “it can be's, “it should be's, “it needs” etc. take any chance from it to have a life.

You don’t need to listen to that voice that tells you you are not good enough.

You don’t need to believe in the voice that tells you that what you are doing is truly dangerous. Showing your true, unfinished self has dangers, but believe me, there are people who are not going to harm you and stick to them. There is love and understanding, there must be.

I feel so brave saying all, writing things out loud in my own way and language.

Not to give it to be corrected by a professional is my choice, because I want it to speak my truth in my own way even if it might not be the right way for many.

You see I have always been writing, it was making me feel better, I had so much to say it is just I was always criticized. My literature teachers were telling me I am the worst and should read more not to suck so much, so I stopped to show my texts to anyone. I hope at least someone will connect with what I want to say in my words. I hope it can help someone even if I am not a Hemingway.

What if someone will laugh? What if... (this we will take care of another time)

For now, let’s just think of this:


What if it is the only way to go, but not the worst one to go? (Spoiler alert - next piece is about it)

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