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Do not save your life for Sunday

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Do not save your life for later

I always had this tactic, or you could say a tendency to go through the worst or boring first, so I can reward myself in the end with the best part.

Lunch with shrimps? I needed to have at least one shrimp to finish with.

A really nice new dress? Saving it for a special occasion.

Having saved some money? Save it for later you never know.

And so on...

Of course, to some sense, it makes sense to leave some momentum and uniqueness to moments of greater beauty or pleasure, but we can not get lost in it. It makes sense to save a shrimp to finish with, but it would be stupid to eat all the rice first and then separately all the shrimps, no?

You need to let in a let yourself to live now.

Don't wait to be a master of anything to start taking action. Do not wait to be a master of life to start taking risks.

Today I woke up knowing I kind of wanted an avocado toast, I bought yesterday all the ingredients after all, but there was this doubt coming along - maybe I should save it for Sunday? Maybe I should wait?

It brought up such a strong connotation with what I have been waiting for for a long time now. It made me realize the same as I should not save eating avocado toast only for Sunday, I should not save being an artist for later.

The key is where it all is coming from.

So I want to save avocado toast, because I am not sure if I have another pleasure in mind, so let’s wait not to waste it, not to have too much time without it.

The same is with my artistic ideas.

What if nothing good comes up after I do it? What if this is it? I do not know what exciting I will do next, and I do not know if I will be able to attract more opportunities for excitement and culmination like that, so better let’s wait.

(This is mostly about the creative workshop I have been wanting to organize for months now, and I can explain my procrastination with fear, and many others, but all in all, it comes up to :

  • Am I good enough to come up with exciting moments after that one?

  • Am I capable already? Maybe I should wait a little longer, and learn a little more?

And you know what?

I realized I can eat the avocado toast on Monday because I actually already baked banana bread on Sunday.

You can, you should go with that creative project idea you have in mind today because I am sure you have many others already waiting in your head too. And you won't discover them before you hit that milestone you have on your mind now. No matter how un-ready you feel now. The earlier you will take action, the more time you will have in this world to enjoy what is truly yours. So just start claiming it!

Waiting just makes you have less time to create all the excitements you are capable of.


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