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🏁 Base #1 Introduction

There are so many ways I could start, and knowing myself, it won't be just this one little piece about it. So I guess I will let it be as it is here and now.

Who am I?

What will it be about?

What am I doing?

I am not sure.

I know I am here, and I'm making it all to allow myself to be me and to maybe help or inspire some people. I have a lot to say, but only now am I starting to give myself a voice.

I have always wanted to be an artist, but only now, I am starting to understand what it will mean to me. Ironically, it will be a path carved on my own and not any of the well-known categories well-established in the world.

I warn you,

it can be a little messy here sometimes.

It may not be 100% grammatically always correct.

But my number #1 rule, a promise I make to myself, something that I owe myself, is to just let myself be me. Let my language and style be free of words of perfection here for you. Maybe sometimes it won't be book-like, and maybe sometimes it will not be perfectly aligned or expressed, but at least it will be. And this is what matters to me most.

I love writing, I love writing freely. That is my style, and even if my writing teachers never had hopes in me, I still think how I talk is worthy.

In a world where soon most of the "CONTENT" will be generated by AI, I think we are craving more and more for real humanity content. I want to share and learn with you a real human experience.

Yes, for your own good, I will sometimes utilize the tools of AI just to catch any total mistakes or improve the timing of my production. (Hey, with the perfectionism I have, without any technology you would never see it.) As an extension of this post, I also made an introduction video on my YouTube Channel, feel free to check it if you didn't already.

I have a lot more introductions to say, but with my short ADHD/Dyslexia reading span, I prefer to keep it quite short every time.

See you soon with the first art expression I am preparing for you! #artist_premiere

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